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FAQs On Repairing Your Vehicle

Some useful information from the Milton Transmission team regarding the repair and service of your transmission.

Today’s sophisticated, electronically controlled transmissions are extremely complicated units that require high tech, expensive diagnostic test equipment. In order to diagnose and repair transmission problems correctly, special equipment and qualified transmission technicians must be used. There are hundreds of parts in an average transmission. The transmission has to be removed from the vehicle, completely disassembled, all parts cleaned and inspected, replace or repair all worn and broken parts, rebuild the unit, then re-install the transmission in the vehicle…all with no room for error. It’s actually much more involved than it sounds.

What is involved in a transmission repair?

Minor repairs and service can sometimes be done same day or next day depending on the availability of parts. Major repairs and rebuilds can take several days. Milton Transmission is committed to give you the best service possible, which means getting your vehicle back to you in a safe, reliable and quick manner.

How long will it take to repair / rebuild my transmission?

This is the one question that most have a hard time with. The first question you have to ask yourself is, do you like the vehicle, and/or does it meet your current needs? If the answer is yes, evaluate the condition of your vehicle. Can you expect the vehicle to last throughout the first three years of a new purchase loan, or will you need other major repairs within that time? Consider the cost of the repair compared to how many new car payments will have to be made to equal the cost of the repair and how many payments will be remaining. Once you have a true figure to compare, you will be able to make a decision that is best for you financially. Usually a major repair will cost you considerably less than the sales tax alone of a new purchase, but only you can decide where your money is best placed.

Should I repair or replace my vehicle?

Transmissions in general have become more complex in variations or calibrations over the past few decades. When Milton opened its doors in the mid-70’s, there were maybe a dozen different transmissions on the road and a sufficient stock of rebuilt units were on hand as well as relevant used parts which typically required no updates.

Today, there are many more different transmissions in use that are mainly computer controlled and require proper diagnostic to understand the root cause of the problem. There is no way to be sure of what’s wrong with your transmission until we do diagnostic testing and take a look inside.

Transmission symptoms such as noises, slipping, leaks, or vibrations can signal a wide range of possible problems, not necessarily a single malfunction. Many transmission malfunctions can be caused by components outside the transmission such as a sensor, or even a simple fuse. The price difference between each malfunction varies dramatically as well as the type and version of your vehicle’s transmission.

Once assessed, the shop is able to provide you a more accurate explanation and honest estimate for repairs.

Can you give me a price or guess what my repair will cost over the phone?

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